Career in Pandemic

career in pandemic

In the current time where uncertainties hover like a bad omen, giving direction to career is big challenge. There is chaos and confusion and decision making is tough. In such situations one should keep in mind that this phase will too pass. The time of lockdown should be invested in career in such a way that when tomorrow things get normal, there should not be any gap in your resume.

Lockdown is the best time to do regular course as universities and colleges has not stopped giving degrees. Online classes, assignments or exemption from exams, but degree will be awarded. Class 10th #CBSE exam was cancelled followed by Class 12th and various other State Boards.

The big challenge faced by those who passed their Class 12th. They do not want to step out and go far to pursue the course of interest due to fear of Lockdown. They don’t have best options nearby either.

In these uncertain times, I would suggest to go for best college of desired course, no matter how far it is. The reason is simple- need to choose best option available. Pandemic gives chance to do regular course at the comfort of #home. When things will get normal, go and complete the course in campus and get the exposer.

Here, I would like to mention Diploma Courses in Allied Health Science and Nursing. There is acute shortage of Frontline Health Worker and this gap will be filled only by those students who will do above mention courses. Diploma in Dialysis Technology, Diploma in X-Ray, Diploma in MLT, are good option post class 12th. They are in high demand and chances of getting a job post completion of the course is very high in comparison of other sector which are shrinking and there is job loss all around.

Students who are not in hurry to land in job, should opt for #BTECH from good colleges as by the time they will pass out things will be normal and it’s expected to boom. Degree from a good college certainly will add value and it will help students to good paying jobs.

Biology students will have #NEET as first choice but Pharma D is one of the under rated course which has huge potentials. It’s a Six Year Degree course i.e Doctor in Pharmacy. It is the professional pharmacy doctoral program. B Pharma, B.Sc Nursing, B.Sc Agriculture is few other courses where the probability of getting jobs is higher.

The final words are that if you are confused then take Expert Advice. Academic Career is Serious Issue and it can’t be tackled with causal approach. Wrong career selection is dangerous and one has to pay the price throughout life.